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Welcome to Strong Hands of Healing Massage Practice!

Blessing for great health and happiness to you!

Massage is health and wellness for the entire family!

Try any massage modality for $60/hour, or $80/90 mins. Quality services!

Senior rates $45/hour $65/90 minutes

***New client $50/hour first appointment

Loyalty members $150/per massage card good for 3 hourly sessions (Senior rate $120)****

Foot & calf treatment $45

Facial massage for firming and toning skin $39

Fully body scrub $120

Increased range of movement

Decreased pain

Stress relief

Sports massage

Pain management

Hospice care

Senior massage

ADHD massage

Headache relief

Pregnancy Massage

Baby massage

Integrative Reflexology

Improved mental clarity

Improved Immune system function

Improved circulatory system function

Skin care/scrubs

Foot care & toe nails trimmed

Essential Oils

You'll love our facial and body scrubs! A scrub can make your skin appear more healthy and youthful. It also improves circulation, enhances skin restoration, and lymph flow.

Experience the benefits of massage today!

*Toe nail trimming is additional $20.

*Wound assessment $60. We will contact your doctor for you and help you get set up with a wound healing protocol that works!

*Medication review $50. The nurse will sit down with you and go over every medication that you take and make sure that you and your doctor are on the same page with how you are medicating daily. We will call your doctor for you.

*Blood pressure measurements and oxygen saturation checks $5.

We want to help you on your journey to be as healthy as you can!

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